My desire, is that you might glean something from this blog that will enhance your life. The blog expands somewhat on my personal journey, it can be generic with many people, it has the ability to increase your productivity, creativity, work-life balance, happiness, love, friends and most of all greater peace with one’s self.

On this blog you are invited to take a journey, not with me, but a journey with yourself. This can be exciting and revealing. It will require honesty and forgiveness, that is not the norm when dealing with yourself, but it is imperative to do so, to receive the benefits you are looking for.

The tag line challenges you to be your own life coach, that is not a fancy statement to catch your attention. It is about you and only you. Myself, or no one else has the answer to a fuller life for you, but you do.

My writings have not been gleaned from academia, but rather my life experiences. It is a journey I have taken. The hills I climbed, the valley’s I experienced, the storms, the calms, all part of this exciting journey called life. Every experience, good and bad, had a purpose that helped or guided me to what I call a sweet spot in my life. The same can be for you, but no one can experience it for you, just as no one could experience my journey for me.