What Is Truth?

A valid question, don’t you think? The answers will vary, but this is not about others, but you. It was something I pondered for a long time searching different avenues until it finally hit home. In asking that question it may take you along different roads, it did me. For me that changed everything, I realized, it can’t be learned. This may explain why I have said I don’t have the answer but you do.

There was much for me to ponder before writing this blog. The desire has been there for some time, but the timing was not right. Much of my life was building businesses or doing a business turn around, this was exciting and to a degree rewarding. It was many years ago I realized that people built businesses, businesses didn’t build people. It is difficult to not become what we do, I did, but getting out of that conundrum was easier said than done. My greatest desire was to build people not business, which took me on a different journey, then back to business again.

My desire was to help people, if I were to be honest with people it was necessary to look in the mirror and be honest with that person, it was necessary to know that person. In my introduction a mention was made of being honest with yourself, which is not as easy as it sounds. To be honest with others was so much easier. Truth is necessary, if you can’t learn it, what is the purpose in writing anything, this was my conundrum and was for a long time. It was necessary that I fully understood myself before anything was written or I would be “sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal,” just noise.

Another bridge to cross or obstacle to overcome, again about being honest with myself. If I do something for another person or give them some gem and it makes me feel good. Is that not more for myself than the other person? It was so easy to rationalize in my favor, but not only is there a responsibility for actions but also thoughts. I was never against learning, but it had to be for practical purposes or as far as I was concerned it was a waste of time, that was not right, it may have been for me, but not some others. Judgement was another thing to deal with. If there was any judging to be done it had to be of myself, not someone else. I could be always learning and never able to find truth, it would be truth that was going to set me free.

It seemed to be slow in coming, but eventually the realization began to dawn on me that I was a diamond in the ruff. There was much more to me than met the eye. What met the eye was the natural, the supernatural was in me. This would be a faith journey, growing up in the supernatural gave me a different perspective on myself and others. At first I thought I could learn everything that was necessary to help others, boy did I fail, even with my own children. You may have heard “talk is cheap,” it is. Children talk, adults walk, is the way it should be. My next realization was I had to grow up in the spiritual or supernatural realm, just as I had grown in the natural realm. My truth was my experiences on my spiritual walk. Experiences involve the heart and brain, which gives it life. Learning involves the brain without heart, there is no life. It leaves a person mechanical or professional, life is in the heart. That realization was slow in coming and is still a work in progress, the destination of my spiritual walk is Truth.

The realization of being a diamond in the ruff also opened the door for me to realize, so is everyone. It came down to choice, understanding choice for myself allowed me to see the same was true for everyone else. We all live with our choices. My truth has been my experiences on that spiritual or supernatural walk. Another light bulb went on after an understanding of choice, it took away blame. After the realization of choice, I could no longer blame anyone or anything. Every choice brings a consequence and whatever the consequence, good or bad, it was the result of my choice and so it is for everyone.

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This blog is journalistic in nature, it is a picture of the experiences that have shaped me over the course of my lifetime. It is a transparent look at myself and how it has been dealt with and what the outcome has been. My hope is that it may help you, because in the end it is strictly about YOU.

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