EQ or IQ?–Why Not Both? (part 2)

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The last article posted was a segue into this article, why not EQ and IQ together. We believe that is the reality of our thought patterns, but in most instances it is not. We  have a strong tendency to operate on separate wave lengths.

This article will explain why we do not operate with EQ and IQ together and how we can change the frequency to balance between the two.

Lateral Thinking.

“The solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Lateral thinking is essential for creativity. It can be accessed by chance, or a willingness to open oneself to lateral thinking can be the path to a productive, creative and balanced life. You may have difficulty with this article unless there is a willingness for lateral thinking.

It means opening oneself to a new and unusual light, the spiritual side of oneself.

For many when spiritual is mentioned the mind is closed, or it has a particular meaning that keeps a person stuck in a particular mindset. Spirituality is a broad concept with many perceptions.

In this  article we shall not go into any or all of the understandings or misunderstandings pertaining to spirituality, we shall consider it an “ENERGY FORCE.” That simplifies the whole process and allows us to get to the task at hand.

Our body is a vessel sustained and moved by an energy force. That energy force in many ways will determine how we are going to live and move on any given day.

The Mind.

Contrary to what we may think the mind is not part of or attached in any significant way to the brain.

How many times, in a day do you find your mind racing to someplace other than where you are at the moment? Yet, you will agree, your brain is where your body is. If the mind is running around somewhere other than where we are, we would conclude it is an energy force.

It is the transmitter to the brain. To transmit, it has to have material to transmit. That is where the five senses come in. The mind gleans information from the five senses and transmits it to the brain.

Sounds good, but there is a catch, we don’t know if the information is accurate or if it is complete. We may have to reason further to get the whole picture. There is another catch, the brain does the reasoning but the mind can’t receive any signal from the brain.

Have your heard the phrase ” a one track mind” or a “mindset” well that is not just a saying it is a fact. The mind can send information to the brain but can’t receive anything back.

For example–a courtroom scene, the prosecution states the argument against you, but there is no defense. Is the judge going to make a good decision? I think not, he has only heard one side of the argument, the negative side. Let’s reverse that , the defense states your case, but there is no prosecution. Can the judge make a good decision? Again, I think not, he has only heard one side of the case, the positive side.

That brings a reality to an everyday occurrence, if someone praises us (defense) we feel great. If someone says something negative about us (prosecution) there can be a tendency to feel down or try and rationalize it.

The mind relies on outside information good or bad and we have no way of defending ourselves, because the mind is unable to receive a signal back from the brain. We are at the mercy of other people, it may be what someone said, what we read or what we heard. Our only defense is to fight back and defend what we believe.

With the mind in control, everything we know or do is relevant to someone or something, other than ourselves, leaving a person in a somewhat precarious situation.

How is it possible to go through a day without a certain amount of fear, doubt or anxiety when we are not in control of all the facts? How can we be creative when we only have one side of the equation? How can we make a decision, with confidence, if we only have one side of the problem?

The Soul.

The soul is an energy force, it is our higher power and many will accept the fact there is a higher power. That higher power dwell in us.

This energy is able to send and receive signals from the brain, it allows a person to benefit from reasoning. You are able to analyze or look at both sides of an argument, enabling you to make a better decision on a given subject.

It is necessary at this point to look at spirituality to bring this article into perspective, we are still dealing with an energy force.

“The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” (Oxford Dictionary)

That definition recognizes the soul as spiritual as opposed to the material or physical which for the most part is the mind. The mind also is spiritual but relies on the physical for information to send to the brain.

The mind is so dependant on the brain it wants us to believe they are one.

The mind does not recognize the soul or will question it.

That is normal because the mind cannot move into the absolute realm, it has to connect with something or someone. It does not respect the spiritual.

Whereas, the soul can deal with the absolute as well as the relevant.

The soul respects the physical. How often do you find yourself in a situation where you recognize you have a bias towards someone, this is the mind controlling. The soul has no bias.

When the absolute is in play we have the ability to be creative. We are thinking outside of the box, the box been the known.

Have you not at some time, perhaps realized, that you knew something you didn’t think you knew? It maybe a lightbulb went on for you. That is your creative side, your intellect. The mind relies on other people’s  intellect and causes us to ignore our own.


We will look at the definition of “intellect from two different dictionaries. It is amazing the difference between the two dictionaries, of the same word.

“The power of knowing as distinguished from the power to feel and to will: the capacity for knowledge.” (Webster’s Dictionary)

That is a definition that deals strictly with the mind. I would call that knowledge rather than intellect. This can only be IQ.

“The faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially to abstract or academic matters: he was a man of action rather than intellect.” (Oxford Dictionary)

This is a definition that deals with the soul and the mind, the brain is able to reason objectively, discard what is not necessary and bring a solution to the problem. This is kinesthetic learning at its finest. That is the IQ and EQ working together. The soul is our modulator.

Combining the soul and the brain, we are able to access our own intellect and not have to depend on someone other than ourselves. After all, everything we hear or read came originally from some person’s intellect.

This does not mean we will not listen to anyone, other than ourselves, quite the contrary, we will listen more attentively to others. What we hear from others through listening or reading will challenge or encourage us on our journey of life.

Always remember it is your journey and no one can walk it for you.


Most people’s views change with age, the mind and ego are intertwined, but as we grow older the ego doesn’t have the same power it had when we were younger.

You may have heard someone say “I am my greatest enemy,” so true, the mind is our enemy, it constantly  gets us in trouble.

Our soul is our greatest friend.

It is possible to transition from the mind to the soul, there is a starting point and then a growth period,

It is not possible to learn the way of the soul.

“Give your soul control and follow along.”

That is what I have done for the last ten years.

It has nothing to do with age, it is just that the ego has less control in later years. Transitioning to listening to the soul can be done at any age, it is the path way to self-actualization.

Self-actualization leads to comfort with yourself and the people around you, productivity, creativity, work-life balance and the opportunity to excel in what you do.


Questions or comments are appreciated.

Authors note: This article was published on Linked-In. I decided to put it here to help explain in more detail why I constantly say “I don’t have the answer”  but you do. Follow your soul, you will be taken into new and exciting lands.

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