The Tomato Plant

Four weeks ago I planted tomato plants, because we only have a small backyard I planted them in a pot, three pots to be exact, three varieties. I have grown tomatoes before, but never in a pot. This was a whole new experience.

This morning I’m standing in the doorway looking at the tomato plant. I do enjoy seeing things grow, I have all my herbs planted around the patio and a few beans on the fence line. We were going to be at home this summer so it was an experience and a pleasure to watch those plants grow. As I was looking at the tomato plant, I could see it was going to be a success, flowers are forming on the plant, some of the flowers have already turned into tiny tomatoes. The plant leaves are lush and green, the plant is growing rapidly with the vine filling out all the way to the top with fruit stalks, it will be an abundant crop.

I’ve grown tomatoes before and was reminded that later on in the season this plant is going to be loaded with fruit. The downside of all this, the leaves are going to be yellow, some dropping off with the lush greenness gone. The plant will no longer have the rich green beauty it had earlier in the season, but it will have accomplished its’ purpose, providing our table with healthy food. Let’s consider nature for our teacher, it is an accurate reflection of what we can expect from ourselves, I think of how far we have strayed from what was meant for us and how little we understand our purpose.

The lush green leaves and the beauty of the plant is youth with all its’ vibrancy and looking forward to what life is going to be like and so wrapped up in how it looks. Many people later in life still want those lush green leaves but it is not to be. There are aches, pains and wrinkles and a feeling that life is almost over and the value has gone. But wait, we don’t look the way we did, but we have now reached the point that we can produce fruit in abundance. The first thought may be children, but children will eventually have their own life that may include a family of their own. The fruit that the stalk can produce is wisdom, which has come from the sunshine and rain that the plant experienced to bring forth that crop of fruit.

Unfortunately our society has reverted to a negative inward, rather than an outward way of thinking. Even in our workplace, opportunity rests with youth, the elderly are pensioned and that is their reward, when in actual fact a senior has just reached the place where they can really produce a valuable crop to enhance our society. The youth don’t have the respect for the elderly, some will give lip service and appear to respect their elders, but society in general has written off the elderly.

Does the fault rest with the younger generation? No, the elderly, for the most part, have given up on themselves. We’ve been so conditioned to book learning, that we have forgotten about our experiences, the pain, the heartache, the dead-ends, the success, the failures, all of those wonderful things that have shaped and formed us  into who we are today.

Seniors have so much to offer.

Society does not recognize any of this. Knowledge has become king. All of the rain, sunshine and drought that has been endured to get to the point of being a senior is filed away in memory. The fruit of experience has no value, hence no desire to learn from it. Society, and seniors themselves, under estimate what a contribution they can make. Nature is our best teacher, we are part of nature, all be it, supposedly a wiser and greater contributor, but in actual fact we have become the destroyers of our environment with little or no respect for nature and what we can learn from it. Growth without effort is what we see all around us, the tomato plant will produce without a great amount of effort, letting nature unfold its purpose, but we have not learned from it and are paying the price. Rather than co-operating and learning from nature we are destroying it.

This weekend is Father’s Day, every father has a wealth of experience gleaned from the experiences of life. Indeed every person, whatever age, has experiences, those experiences are meant to grow us up. Life is not all sunshine, there is going to be rain. Remember rain makes the tomato plant grow, sunshine will solidify that growth. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you to garner the wealth of your experiences, good or bad, and encourage you to grow from them. Our experience, is our truth, our reality, our common sense and the essence of our growing up in ourselves. We are the sum of our experiences, how you face those experiences will determine who you are and what you become.

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This blog is journalistic in nature, it is a picture of the experiences that have shaped me over the course of my lifetime. It is a transparent look at myself and how it has been dealt with and what the outcome has been. My hope is that it may help you, because in the end it is strictly about YOU.

2 thoughts on “The Tomato Plant”

  1. I enjoyed talking with you at the Sound of Music tonight – and reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. I take online university courses for personal growth, but enjoy sharing the info I glean, with my friends and my students in my line dance classes – so I hope I’m being/becoming the type of person you’re recommending, despite being a PlantKiller! :>)


    1. I’ll forgive you on the PlantKiller aspect, you could surprise yourself, that is possible matter of fact very possible. Thanks for reading the blog, it was nice speaking with you.


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