An Apology

I’m sorry that I have not posted for several months. I notice that people are either checking in or new people checking out the blog.

I am trying to understand the building of a website and how to improve my blog, for a person that is not technically inclined that is not the easiest of tasks. I have started another blog It is on another platform and is doing somewhat better than I have been doing with this one.

However, for the time being I am going to continue with this platform and try to enhance the construction, if I’m not successful, I will move this blog to the other platform, but the posts will continue.

A few months ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee, this took me out of commission for a couple of months. During that time I began learning the in’s and out’s of building a website and how to be more effective in blogging. That was the website and blog I was building while neglecting this one. Again, I’m sorry, to those who were following me.

However, my knee is mostly healed now. I’m back to a walking regiment of eight to ten kilometers per day and gradually increasing it. My plan was to do a Camino walk across Portugal this year and blog about it, relating to life’s experiences. That will be put off for this year. I will still go to Portugal, but not to walk. I will walk, but not across Portugal, that hopefully will be another time.

Life’s experiences change daily and sometimes hourly, no two days are identical. The most important thing, is to realize there is something new to learn everyday and we have to capitalize on each new experience in our growth as a person.

If you have read the posts on the backpacks, you realize, unknown to ourselves we are loaded down with an unnecessary load that causes us stress and as you know stress causes sickness.

I was amazed reading one day, about the effects of smoking. My father was a smoker and when he was stressed, he always said the smoking helped him relax. The article I was reading, found that from studies done, that smoking actually increased stress.

I got to thinking about those two opposing views, one from the study and the other from my fathers’ experience. They were conflicting, or were they? I realized that we all in one way or another operate with a stress load, for some it is heavier then others. It was like my backpack experience in my first backpack post, it wasn’t until the backpack was off, that I realized the load I was carrying.

I began to realize from those to different analysis, especially because, we as a people hate change because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Getting rid of that backpack of stress is not going to be an easy task.

It involves, first of all, stepping outside our comfort zone and secondly getting use to, what maybe, a completely different way of life. A better way because stress is gone, but nevertheless a different way or path.

I found out first hand, while walking the Camino, you had to have a confidence in yourself, to go where you have not gone before and with a different mode of travel. My mode of travel for any distance was always by car and if a long distance by plane. For my Camino journey it was by foot, a much slower means of travel, but so rewarding.

This thought is what prompted me to set up this blog “I Don’t Have The Answer”  and the subtitle,But You Do.” 

Human nature is so prone to rely on someone or something other that ourselves for answers.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage or challenge or perhaps on times make you angry, but to rely on yourself rather than any other person. To have confidence in yourself, truly. 

I have said and will say again, I have no answers for you, neither does anyone else, but you do have the answers yourself.

In the past I have went to various conferences’ on self-help and found myself on various occasions, pumped, after listening to a motivational speaker. He or she motivated me, but a day or two later my high soon became a low, or I was back to the usual grind. I found I needed to have the motivational speaker with me, or buy a CD or tape and listen at various times to keep myself motivated. That was like putting a band-aid on a broken leg, I needed something more lasting, where I did not have to depend on an outside source.

I found it.

So can you.

Not depending on any person, other than yourself, you have to know yourself. If you are familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one would assume you were dealing with two different people, yet it was the same person. Mr. Hyde was the real person and Doctor Jekyll the front for Hyde.  One was the ego the other the alter ego, one in themselves.

But, we are dual persons rather than dual personalities.

Getting to know that other person, your super ego, is what is required.

We all have a different DNA.

I have a twin of daughters, they grew in the same womb and were born five minutes apart. That is as close as you can have two people alike and yet their DNA’s are different,  even their personalities are different. That is the uniqueness of our individuality.

When we desire to be our own person, and more and more people are desiring that.  We can automatically think that is easy. I mentioned earlier in this post about two things that would have to be dealt with in becoming your own person, stepping out of your comfort zone and maybe taking a somewhat different path. The first thought that may come to your mind is, I can do that.

It may not be as easy as one would think. The population of the world is over seven and one half billion people. There are different colors, cultures, languages and creeds yet we are ninety-nine point nine per cent the same.

That gives us one tenth of one per cent different, from the remainder of the seven and one half billion people in the world.

That gives us little room to establish our TRUE uniqueness.

Maybe we do need a SUPER EGO. That makes us triune rather than dual.

It is easy to deceive ourselves and think we are something or someone we are not. To find out who we are, it will be necessary to take responsibility for ourselves. We have been given choice and every choice we make has a consequence. If we don’t like the consequence, then we can’t blame someone else. We have to take the blame for ourselves.

That requires us to be more lateral thinkers rather than traditional or critical thinkers. A traditional thinker will think traditionally and with that type of thinking it is easy to blame someone else. A critical thinker will try and find what is wrong with the thought or statement and give an explanation for it, still not seeing oneself.

Lateral thinking is a manner of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious. (Wikipedia)

Now we have to step into a non traditional way of thinking. It means taking our eyes off the obvious and stepping into unknown territory.

We need help in that area, but we have all that is necessary to take us along that path or way. Some of my Camino experiences which I will expand on as I continue to post on this blog, are some of the experiences that helped me.

As I have said before you do not have to walk the Camino, or consider my experiences, that was for my benefit.

Each person’s experience is different. Reason them through and you will find the purpose that will help guide you to your destination.

I appreciate any thoughts, questions or comments so please let me know what you think.

My other blog has a number of posts if you would like to visit. I am going to explain in more detail the process of finding your TRUE self. There is a post entitled “The Process” which elaborates to a degree what is involved in that process.

Have a great day.

It is snowing outside today. Earlier this afternoon, I took a break from writing this post and went cross country skiing.  I had a five minute walk to a trail where I could began skiing.

There is nothing better than getting out and communing with nature.

Next post “Into the Ditch”

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This blog is journalistic in nature, it is a picture of the experiences that have shaped me over the course of my lifetime. It is a transparent look at myself and how it has been dealt with and what the outcome has been. My hope is that it may help you, because in the end it is strictly about YOU.

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