Another Look At Love

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In June, two thousand and eighteen, I posted on this blog a post entitled “Love.” Also, in that post I said, “there are three words in Greek that better explain the depth of love, however, we still have to go beyond that, which I will explain later.”

My last two posts on “Coming of Age,” was in a way laying the ground work for this post, although that was not the original intent. This photo is a picture of unconditional love, albeit between two animals, this post is meant for unconditional love between two people.

Many of my previous posts have been vague or as some will say “deep.” That was never the intention, each post is meant to get a person thinking, “about themselves.” There is within me an acre of diamonds, if the time is taken to mine them.

The same applies to you. 

Each post written in the past has a diamond, the diamond will vary in size and clarity according to you, just has mine has for me. A promise was made in my first post on “Coming of Age?” how what is written came about, that puts pressure on me to be transparent on my experiences. It is our experiences that is our truth, because naturally, we have experienced it.

For me, there is very little looking to the past for nostalgia but rather to learn from. There has been good and not so good and bad experiences from the past. All were related to the choices I made, if I didn’t like the experience, it was because I made a wrong choice. All was not lost if the experience helped me to grow up.

The Three Aspects Of Love.

While the English language has one word for love, Greek has three, each describes succinctly the love we can experience in day to day living.

In the post on Coming Of Age? (contd) the fact of growing up began in my sixties but could have begun, when I was fifteen. That was my first experience with Agape Love, but I did not realize it. It was many years later before I began to understand it from the aspect, where it began to bring about a ripple effect in my life. At that point my understanding was coming from the fact of my experience, which is powerful.

Mine and Norma’s relationship was built on a relationship with each other. Eros, quickly became the foundation of our relationship, especially for me.

Eros is the lowest or weakest form of love, it centers very much on sex.

With the arrival of children, Norma’s love elevated to Phileo which is a higher love that centers more on family. This left me on the outside.

Later in life I would sometimes say to Norma, it feels to me as if you are in a room with the children and I’m on the outside looking in. She did not get that or even accept it, in many ways I did not get it either. I was expressing a feeling I had, without understanding it.

In the early years of our marriage I had the distinct feeling that Norma was stronger than me and I was suppose to be the strong one. This caused me to bury myself in my work and set about to prove myself, by being a good provider for the family and getting involved in all kinds of community activities.

That was not a bad thing, but there was still a void. Some people are seekers and some are not, as for me I was a seeker. I was trying to reconcile, I did not know what, with myself, those activities kept me from dwelling on this seeker mentality.

I helped in the home when I could, was fair at cleaning and cooking, but never really rose to the occasion as Norma did.

It was years later, studying Greek and looking at the three aspects of love that I began to realize that my natural gravitation in love was Eros and for my wife it was Phileo.

I can now accept and appreciate that my wife was stronger than me when it came to love. This made her a stronger person. This also took a load off me, because now I did not have to prove myself, just accept the fact I’m weaker. That opened up a new set of questions that I wanted answers too. Love is the strength of any person and it centers in the heart.

I knew that I did not have too, nor could I, prove to her that I was stronger. The moment I tried to prove to her that I was stronger, my weakness was exposed. We are energy fields and what we do speaks volumes, what we say is like sounding brass and tinkling symbols, just a lot of noise.

So I head down another path, the religious path, that proved to be a dead end as well. It was a necessary path for me, all the paths I travelled were necessary. It was the result of those dead ends that got me on my Camino in my sixties.

For me that journey of growing up began when I experienced “Agape” love and rather than discount or rationalize, it was embraced by me.

It took time communing with myself and asking questions, but gradually the realization mostly through experience of day to day living and the understanding of the “power of agape love” and the impact it had on me and my relationships became more of a reality. It changed how I saw myself and how I saw others as well.

The understanding of “Soulmate” took on a whole new meaning.

Eros centers on the sexual side of love, it did not mean with Agape love there was no sex, there was better sex, this time considering the woman as much as myself. In a recent survey of women it was found that eighty-five percent of women never experienced an orgasm when having intercourse. When Agape love is the predominant love, sex becomes a journey rather than a destination, if the destination is not reached there is always another day. It also became important that the woman reach the destination as well.

Phileo love is the family love, this allowed me to see the strength of family and why Norma was stronger than me. Phileo love is more unconditional whereas eros is more conditional. My helping in the housework and doing things around the house did not give it the Phileo energy, that was still conditional. We both had a responsibility on the phileo side, again because it is an energy it had very little to do with what we did, the greatest impact was with who we are.

The basis of Agape love was myself, my inner self, my higher power. It meant embracing myself and setting out to grow up in that love, that is what happened in my sixties, and is not complete as of yet. However, the questions I had are no longer there, it is time that will finish the journey. It has enabled me to truly love myself without being arrogant or self serving.

Agape love is unconditional love.

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It centers around the heart, that is why we never give our heart to anyone.

My next post is “The women in my life.” will expand on the heart relationship more than in previous posts.

If you have questions or comments,  I am happy to respond.

Into The Light.

A Walk In The Park.IMG_1647

This photograph was taken in Central Park, New York City. It does not look like a typical walk in the park, it is actually a tunnel we were walking through. The focus for this post is the light at the end of the tunnel.

There are times when we feel boxed in, we are suffering from tunnel vision. The sad part is many people feel that is the natural or the norm and think that there is no way out or nothing different.

If you are familiar with Yoga, it is not unusual to hear the instructor speak of the light within them, connecting with the light within you. The purpose of this blog is to challenge or encourage you to let the light within you be your daily guide now, not sometime in the future.

To get into that light, it is a walk in the park, but not necessarily the way you may think, matter of fact traditional and critical thinking has to go out the window and lateral thinking becomes more of a daily exercise.

The Prerequisite.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel today, even though it is possible to be enclosed in a dark tunnel, in the worst situation as long as you can see that light and keep moving towards it, everything will be OK.

The light is your comfort in your darkest hour.

The prerequisite, is to know that light is in you, not someone else. Another person’s light will not give you the brightness you require to maneuver all the dark tunnels and rocky roads that you will have to walk through or over, to reach the full beauty of the park.

The natural is the tunnel with very little light, the supernatural is the glimmer of light that gets you through the tunnel out into the full beauty of the park. It may be a good idea to go to the post on Natural and Supernatural .

That is an expansion on the natural, which is the tunnel and the supernatural which is the fullness of the light without the confines of a dark tunnel. It is not necessary to wait until a person dies to see the light.


Think for a moment the yoga teachers comment of the light within them, connecting with the light within you. There you have the makings of teamwork.

A team is more than one person, for the purpose of this post lets look at the family, a business and a sports club. The common denominator of all three is to be successful and be winners.

The light within one person connecting with the light within another person seems to be a stretch, in that there are so many differences in our world.

Actually, taking in the population of the world, seven and one half billion people, we are ninety-nine point nine per cent the same.

That gives us one tenth of one per cent opportunity to establish ourselves as unique as our DNA. It may be necessary to go to the supernatural to establish our own individuality.

To effectively function in a team, it is necessary to know ourselves.

In the family, the mother and father can know their role and not know themselves. The children rely on the parents. The children, as they get older will not be doing what parents told them, they are going to be doing what you did. That puts an added responsibility on parents to know themselves.

In a business there are managers, employees and customers, all are important, yet if the business does not make a profit it will not survive. The sustainer of the business is profit, yet it depends on managers, employees and customers and each being fair to the business. That puts a responsibility on all concerned to know themselves, to be fair to everyone.

The Sports Team is a group of players who no doubt have a purpose of winning a championship. Each player plays a position or have a responsibility and how each person performs in that position will affect all the other players. When each player know themselves, their contribution will be positive, even when a player is in a funk.

Closing Remarks.

More than we realize, we depend on others to tell us what to do, or on the other end of the pendulum we don’t want to listen to anyone. In both cases we end up being the losers, we have to depend on ourselves. If we depend on someone other than ourselves we lose, if we fight against someone we lose.

Depending on someone or something outside ourselves is considered positive, being against is negative. The key word here is not the negative or positive, its control. One controls positively the other negatively.

To truly know ourselves is to be neither for or against anyone.

There are five essential characteristics to having a successful, winning team. There are other things as well but this essential. They are value, belief, independent thinking, teamwork and care for others.

Value and belief is in yourself and allows you to be an independent thinker making you a valuable member of a team because you care for others.

It all centers on knowing yourself.

In my next series of posts, each of those five characteristics will be expanded on.

It is all about walking into the light, not later but now.

Any questions or comments are appreciated.









Natural and Supernatural


It is difficult to surmise the meaning of something from words alone. Words can be a very ineffective way of portraying a message. This is certainly so with natural and supernatural.

A word can have several different meanings, allowing the person liberty to express what has been said, according to their mindset. The listener also has to go through an interpretation of what is being said, again according to their mindset.

Every time a word is used it generates a picture in a person’s mind, it may be one of acceptance or one of rejection.

It is possible to determine something of value from what is said by anyone, if time is taken to reason out the meaning. Without reasoning, it is difficult to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

It is either accepted or rejected, neither being of great value in arriving at a conclusion that is beneficial to the person. All that is looked for is an agreement with what is known, it is possible to miss something of great importance, following that train of thought.

In this post an attempt will be made to have a person reason out what has been said. When we reason things through it is possible to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

The only true reality is what is experienced. We are shaped by life’s experience’s not by someone’s words. It is possible that a person’s words can give us guidance in life’s experiences and help maneuver a rough path with confidence, but true meaning comes from the experience.

The Word “Natural.”

Not really to prove a point but rather to expand on what was discussed in the overview. The word “natural” in Webster’s Dictionary has twenty-eight definitions as an adjective and nine definitions as a noun.

For the purpose of this post two definitions will be considered.

  1. Formulated by human reason alone, rather than by revelation.
  2. Being in a state of nature without spiritual enlightenment. 

It is so easy to discount revelation or spiritual enlightenment, yet one or the other are essential to so many experiences, that can give us a much greater insight into who we  are or what our purpose is, or both.

Human reason alone or being in a state of nature causes a person to rely on the five senses. All five senses are controlled by outside factors leaving us at the mercy of someone or something else. That bodes the question that many people at one time or another has asked. “Who am I?” I certainly did.

The Word “Supernatural.”

This word has three definitions as a noun in Webster’s Dictionary.

Of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible, observable universe, is the definition we will use.

When we move out of the visible, observable we move away from the five senses and when that takes place it is open to all kinds of images, connotations and explanations that in most instances will endeavor to link or relate it to something known.

In many instances it will conjure up fear. It is fear of the unknown, and can have a tremendous negative control. Fear incapacities a person and that prevents a person from truly exploring the unknown, that has the potential to take us of the path of life

Another Approach.

“Supernatural” can be a compound of two words “super” and “natural.” This puts a whole new meaning on the word when you break it out.

“Natural,” we have covered.

“Super” has four definitions as an adjective, two definitions as a noun and two definitions as an adverb. With all those definitions the parameters can change tremendously.

The definition used in this post is, very large, powerful.

When we take this combination and apply it to a person the supernatural is basically, a very large or powerful person, not from a physical perspective but beyond the visible, observable universe.

Taking that into account, there is much more to a person than it is possible to see. In other words, we are more than we think we are, that is the “you” process of this blog.

It is all about getting to know “YOU.”

Now The Supernatural.

We went into a lot of dialogue on words for a reason, the natural is what we would consider the norm and supernatural has many meanings. The dialogue on those words were for a reason, to prevent you from immediately formulating a mental picture in your mind.

When we go to supernatural, we could be talking about a Higher Power, God, Super Ego, Neuromodulator, it depends if we are coming from everyday lingo, religion, or science.

Everyday lingo usually uses higher power, organized religion has a name that centers around a higher being and science has the super ego if coming from a Freudian perspective and Neuromodulator if coming from science is centered around the brain.

All of this is words, but the main thought is people have the capacity to be much more than they are, it is the Supernatural part of the human.

Now we are going to change the definitions of the natural that we looked at earlier. Human reason alone rather than by revelation is going to be changed to human reason aided by revelation. The state of nature without spiritual enlightenment is changed to the state of nature with spiritual enlightenment.

We need to consider in the first part revelation relates to the specific need of that particular individual, it is personal. Interpretation is by one person for the masses.  Revelation respects the individuality of the person, interpretation doesn’t.

The same applies to spiritual enlightenment, it enhances the person, allows a person to see more of who they are rather than waiting for someone to tell you who you are.

What Can I Expect From The Supernatural?

The supernatural side of a person is beyond the visible or observable. That is the part of us, the spiritual and revelation, that respects our individuality. It actually gives us our individuality.

We cannot gain any degree of individuality from someone else, not even from ourselves. 

We are able to experience the supernatural, it comes from the spirit by revelation, like we have said it is not visible or observable but is possible to experience. Your experiences are your truths.

The “Supernatural” is a powerful force if we choose to tap into it. It is a faith journey but it does bring us into a whole new realm.

One of the first arguments many will bring up, I don’t have faith. Think of this, the air we breath is not visible or observable but we do experience it. Take away that air for a short time and you quickly realize how important it is.

The Supernatural is the higher power and it respects the natural.  The natural is the lower power and does not respect the higher power. It makes an effort to have us believe that the supernatural has no power because it is not visible like in the natural realm.


Most people at one time or another have experienced the supernatural or the higher power within themselves. It may be, it was put off as some weird experience or rationalized as something other than what it was.

When we choose to take that supernatural journey, the natural doesn’t disappear, we began to reason things out, ask questions of our supernatural self or our inner self. We are given answers and the experiences become more real and more often.

When I traveled the Camino, I had a number or very vivid encounters with my inner self or my supernatural, those encounters started before the Camino, it was because of the faith I had in my supernatural that allowed me to tackle the journey.

It is a growth period, old things pass away and all things become new. The reliance is on the supernatural to make those changes, the natural wants us to hang on to our five senses, that way we never move out of the realm of the known.

We all have an intellect within us that can take us way beyond where we are. Think of the known, where did it come from in the first place. We can learn the known or we can journey to new lands, that is our creative side.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments, I will endeavor to answer them.

Into The Ditch

The Thought.

The first thing that may come to your mind, that is an interesting thought “into the ditch.”

It was an incident that happened on my Camino walk, it has a frightening and funny side to it and for me a valuable insight. I will give you the whole story later in this post, but first there are a few things to deal with, that impacts on the story.

Earlier in this blog, the post “My Camino Companions” I mentioned my companions that challenged, directed or encouraged me during my journey.

In the post “Reflections 2” I mentioned some of the books and what they meant to me in my journey of life. I did mention there was more than those books and people. My late wife, seven children and my present wife have had an amazing impact on my life’s journey.

My experiences with my family have given me an amazing amount of information about myself and has been a tremendous eye opener in what I was lacking as a father and a husband. There has been challenges and encouragements.

Another Companion.

On my Camino walk, the guide-book I used was John Brierley’s account of the French Way Camino, which he had walked many times. I guess you would say that was my main companion.

The book didn’t mean much to me, until I got on the Camino, then it became relevant. There was much that was not of interest to me, but there was important and relevant information for me as well.

The book was a great help, but what is important to understand “I had to walk the Camino” I had to experience it. No amount of reading John Brierley’s  book could take the place of the experience, it wasn’t meant to take away the experience, it was meant to enhance the experience.

My other companion on my life’s journey has been and is “The Bible.” Don’t shut me down or think that we are on the same page because I mention the Bible. The Bible creates a closed concept within a person’s mind. Some will have a great conviction for it and others will argue against it. It is the same with the word God, it has been so misused, it has become empty of meaning.

God is a Spirit and a Spirit is an energy force. That is the Super Ego that I mentioned in my last post.

The Bible is like John Brierley’s book. The difference, John Brierley’s book is giving direction for a physical journey. The Bible is giving direction for a spiritual journey. Both give things to look out for on your journey, but neither are relevant unless you are experiencing the journey. No amount of study or reading can take the place of the experience.

Stay With Me.

In my posts I will seldom mention the Bible or God, both are names and do an injustice to the direction and power that emanates from this source.

I could have read and learned everything about the Camino from John Brierley’s book, but the experience of walking the way, made it real. The same with the Bible I can learn everything in it but nothing can take the place of  walking the spiritual walk, that makes it real.

I will use it sparingly, because it is so much misused and misunderstood. I misused it myself, with great conviction as if I knew what the journey was about and really I had no idea. Oh yes, I was sincere, but I have found it is so easy to be sincerely wrong, if we don’t know ourselves.

I don’t read the Bible, I haven’t for the past fifteen years. I did study it, but have come to realize, it wasn’t that I didn’t know enough about the Bible, I knew too much, that in some ways was why it has taken me so long on this journey.

I had more faith in the book than the experience.

I could talk the walk but I couldn’t walk the walk.

It’s a whole new world when you walk the walk, and it’s exciting, the book takes on a whole new dimension. The understanding comes through revelation rather than interpretation. This method respects the individuality of each person.


If you haven’t opted out and are still with me.

In the previous post I mentioned “lateral thinking.” That is solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious. It involves ideas that may not be obtainable using only traditional step by step logic.

That my friend is how you are going to get to really know who you are. I have found that out the hard way, it doesn’t have to be the hard way. It is a choice we make. For me I ran into a brick wall, that is what it took for me to make a choice, that put me on the right path.

I would like to think that possibly through some of my posts, you may see where you could also make a choice without hitting a brick wall. Hitting a brick wall is painful, believe me.

When you are asking your inner self a question, the answer may come in the most unexpected way or from the most unexpected person.

If you want to build a better mousetrap, how would you go about it? Your not going to look at the trap and copy it, you have to pull it apart, look for what is valuable to the trap as it is, then consider what you can add to it to make it a better mouse trap. You are reasoning through the process.

The same goes with everything and everyone around us, don’t have a closed mind. There may be people who know more than you, there may be people that are better than you.

But it is not about them it is about YOU. 

When you are looking at others, it’s possible to short change yourself or to put others down by you feeling superior.

Now, “Into The Ditch”

It was about two weeks into my Camino walk, the weather had been beautiful, apart from the second day crossing the Pyrenees.

This particular day there was thunder and lighting and a heavy downpour of rain, it rained for most of the day. It was the first day that I walked in the rain. I put on my rain gear and put a cape over myself and my backpack. I actually enjoyed walking in the rain and my rain gear did an amazing job, because I was as dry at the end of the day as at the beginning.

I had been walking with a friend for several days, we had parted company and I had journeyed on. That evening I got a message on “What’s App” from this friend. Several of us kept in touch with one another on what’s app. The message seemed as if the person was in distress.

She started out early in the morning before daylight in heavy rain. When the thunder and lightning started, the lightening was frightening for her and made her very uncomfortable to say the least. She was afraid of getting struck by lightening, so she got down in a ditch, and was so frightened that she was crying when another pilgrim came along and helped her up and accompanied her to the Auberge.

I called on what’s app, to see what the problem was. She told me how frightening it was for her, and it was I’m sure. When she told me about getting down in the ditch in the water, I found it sort of funny, I could picture her in this wet ditch. I didn’t let on, that I found it funny because I know it wasn’t funny for her, it may have been a wise thing to do at the time, since she was on the Meseta, which is mostly open ground.

Several days later, I met up with her, she told me as she was walking, to try to overcome the fear, she was singing hymns and reciting Bible verses.

That got me thinking and helped me realize how much I had depended on the Bible myself, not fully realizing the power of a spiritual walk. The talk and walk are so different. No amount of knowledge could give me the comfort I needed in difficult times. I did ask if I could use this story in a post and my intention was to title it “into the ditch,” she gave me the OK, I thank her for that.

Seeking Direction.

My daughter Kim, said to me awhile ago, almost every self-help book you read either directly or indirectly draws from the Bible. That is so true, sometimes it is veiled, other times it is not.

I respect the fact that some people don’t want to hear about God or the Bible. There are other people who run their life by it, I respect that as well. Both are right because it is the choice that has been made, all be it, different choices.

Knowing that choice brings consequence, and having weighed the pros and cons of their choice, both are happy I’m sure.

This blog is about my experiences on my Camino (journey of life), each person has different experiences. All of our experiences are meant to guide us to a fulfilled, happy and peaceful life.

On numerous occasions I’ve said “I don’t have the answer” that also being the title of the blog and my subtitle “but you do” is meant to encourage or challenge you, not from any direction you may feel I am giving.

I have no intention of giving direction, just relating some of my experiences and what impact it has had on my life. You may relate to something I experienced.

In my blog I have posts that compliment and in some instances may duplicate some of my thoughts on this site. What I am going to start doing after the next post in “The You Process” is explain what I have come to realize on this journey and how the process unfolded.

I will continue to expand on, how I see things now, in respect to love, family, peace, happiness, father. Much of it is different then I thought.

I have also come to realize how difficult change is. It is not something I embraced, but change did take place.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Next post: Natural and Supernatural.

An Apology

I’m sorry that I have not posted for several months. I notice that people are either checking in or new people checking out the blog.

I am trying to understand the building of a website and how to improve my blog, for a person that is not technically inclined that is not the easiest of tasks. I have started another blog It is on another platform and is doing somewhat better than I have been doing with this one.

However, for the time being I am going to continue with this platform and try to enhance the construction, if I’m not successful, I will move this blog to the other platform, but the posts will continue.

A few months ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee, this took me out of commission for a couple of months. During that time I began learning the in’s and out’s of building a website and how to be more effective in blogging. That was the website and blog I was building while neglecting this one. Again, I’m sorry, to those who were following me.

However, my knee is mostly healed now. I’m back to a walking regiment of eight to ten kilometers per day and gradually increasing it. My plan was to do a Camino walk across Portugal this year and blog about it, relating to life’s experiences. That will be put off for this year. I will still go to Portugal, but not to walk. I will walk, but not across Portugal, that hopefully will be another time.

Life’s experiences change daily and sometimes hourly, no two days are identical. The most important thing, is to realize there is something new to learn everyday and we have to capitalize on each new experience in our growth as a person.

If you have read the posts on the backpacks, you realize, unknown to ourselves we are loaded down with an unnecessary load that causes us stress and as you know stress causes sickness.

I was amazed reading one day, about the effects of smoking. My father was a smoker and when he was stressed, he always said the smoking helped him relax. The article I was reading, found that from studies done, that smoking actually increased stress.

I got to thinking about those two opposing views, one from the study and the other from my fathers’ experience. They were conflicting, or were they? I realized that we all in one way or another operate with a stress load, for some it is heavier then others. It was like my backpack experience in my first backpack post, it wasn’t until the backpack was off, that I realized the load I was carrying.

I began to realize from those to different analysis, especially because, we as a people hate change because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Getting rid of that backpack of stress is not going to be an easy task.

It involves, first of all, stepping outside our comfort zone and secondly getting use to, what maybe, a completely different way of life. A better way because stress is gone, but nevertheless a different way or path.

I found out first hand, while walking the Camino, you had to have a confidence in yourself, to go where you have not gone before and with a different mode of travel. My mode of travel for any distance was always by car and if a long distance by plane. For my Camino journey it was by foot, a much slower means of travel, but so rewarding.

This thought is what prompted me to set up this blog “I Don’t Have The Answer”  and the subtitle,But You Do.” 

Human nature is so prone to rely on someone or something other that ourselves for answers.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage or challenge or perhaps on times make you angry, but to rely on yourself rather than any other person. To have confidence in yourself, truly. 

I have said and will say again, I have no answers for you, neither does anyone else, but you do have the answers yourself.

In the past I have went to various conferences’ on self-help and found myself on various occasions, pumped, after listening to a motivational speaker. He or she motivated me, but a day or two later my high soon became a low, or I was back to the usual grind. I found I needed to have the motivational speaker with me, or buy a CD or tape and listen at various times to keep myself motivated. That was like putting a band-aid on a broken leg, I needed something more lasting, where I did not have to depend on an outside source.

I found it.

So can you.

Not depending on any person, other than yourself, you have to know yourself. If you are familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one would assume you were dealing with two different people, yet it was the same person. Mr. Hyde was the real person and Doctor Jekyll the front for Hyde.  One was the ego the other the alter ego, one in themselves.

But, we are dual persons rather than dual personalities.

Getting to know that other person, your super ego, is what is required.

We all have a different DNA.

I have a twin of daughters, they grew in the same womb and were born five minutes apart. That is as close as you can have two people alike and yet their DNA’s are different,  even their personalities are different. That is the uniqueness of our individuality.

When we desire to be our own person, and more and more people are desiring that.  We can automatically think that is easy. I mentioned earlier in this post about two things that would have to be dealt with in becoming your own person, stepping out of your comfort zone and maybe taking a somewhat different path. The first thought that may come to your mind is, I can do that.

It may not be as easy as one would think. The population of the world is over seven and one half billion people. There are different colors, cultures, languages and creeds yet we are ninety-nine point nine per cent the same.

That gives us one tenth of one per cent different, from the remainder of the seven and one half billion people in the world.

That gives us little room to establish our TRUE uniqueness.

Maybe we do need a SUPER EGO. That makes us triune rather than dual.

It is easy to deceive ourselves and think we are something or someone we are not. To find out who we are, it will be necessary to take responsibility for ourselves. We have been given choice and every choice we make has a consequence. If we don’t like the consequence, then we can’t blame someone else. We have to take the blame for ourselves.

That requires us to be more lateral thinkers rather than traditional or critical thinkers. A traditional thinker will think traditionally and with that type of thinking it is easy to blame someone else. A critical thinker will try and find what is wrong with the thought or statement and give an explanation for it, still not seeing oneself.

Lateral thinking is a manner of solving problems using an indirect and creative approach via reasoning that is not immediately obvious. (Wikipedia)

Now we have to step into a non traditional way of thinking. It means taking our eyes off the obvious and stepping into unknown territory.

We need help in that area, but we have all that is necessary to take us along that path or way. Some of my Camino experiences which I will expand on as I continue to post on this blog, are some of the experiences that helped me.

As I have said before you do not have to walk the Camino, or consider my experiences, that was for my benefit.

Each person’s experience is different. Reason them through and you will find the purpose that will help guide you to your destination.

I appreciate any thoughts, questions or comments so please let me know what you think.

My other blog has a number of posts if you would like to visit. I am going to explain in more detail the process of finding your TRUE self. There is a post entitled “The Process” which elaborates to a degree what is involved in that process.

Have a great day.

It is snowing outside today. Earlier this afternoon, I took a break from writing this post and went cross country skiing.  I had a five minute walk to a trail where I could began skiing.

There is nothing better than getting out and communing with nature.

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