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It is difficult to surmise the meaning of something from words alone. Words can be a very ineffective way of portraying a message. This is certainly so with natural and supernatural.

A word can have several different meanings, allowing the person liberty to express what has been said, according to their mindset. The listener also has to go through an interpretation of what is being said, again according to their mindset.

Every time a word is used it generates a picture in a person’s mind, it may be one of acceptance or one of rejection.

It is possible to determine something of value from what is said by anyone, if time is taken to reason out the meaning. Without reasoning, it is difficult to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

It is either accepted or rejected, neither being of great value in arriving at a conclusion that is beneficial to the person. All that is looked for is an agreement with what is known, it is possible to miss something of great importance, following that train of thought.

In this post an attempt will be made to have a person reason out what has been said. When we reason things through it is possible to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

The only true reality is what is experienced. We are shaped by life’s experience’s not by someone’s words. It is possible that a person’s words can give us guidance in life’s experiences and help maneuver a rough path with confidence, but true meaning comes from the experience.

The Word “Natural.”

Not really to prove a point but rather to expand on what was discussed in the overview. The word “natural” in Webster’s Dictionary has twenty-eight definitions as an adjective and nine definitions as a noun.

For the purpose of this post two definitions will be considered.

  1. Formulated by human reason alone, rather than by revelation.
  2. Being in a state of nature without spiritual enlightenment. 

It is so easy to discount revelation or spiritual enlightenment, yet one or the other are essential to so many experiences, that can give us a much greater insight into who we  are or what our purpose is, or both.

Human reason alone or being in a state of nature causes a person to rely on the five senses. All five senses are controlled by outside factors leaving us at the mercy of someone or something else. That bodes the question that many people at one time or another has asked. “Who am I?” I certainly did.

The Word “Supernatural.”

This word has three definitions as a noun in Webster’s Dictionary.

Of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible, observable universe, is the definition we will use.

When we move out of the visible, observable we move away from the five senses and when that takes place it is open to all kinds of images, connotations and explanations that in most instances will endeavor to link or relate it to something known.

In many instances it will conjure up fear. It is fear of the unknown, and can have a tremendous negative control. Fear incapacities a person and that prevents a person from truly exploring the unknown, that has the potential to take us of the path of life

Another Approach.

“Supernatural” can be a compound of two words “super” and “natural.” This puts a whole new meaning on the word when you break it out.

“Natural,” we have covered.

“Super” has four definitions as an adjective, two definitions as a noun and two definitions as an adverb. With all those definitions the parameters can change tremendously.

The definition used in this post is, very large, powerful.

When we take this combination and apply it to a person the supernatural is basically, a very large or powerful person, not from a physical perspective but beyond the visible, observable universe.

Taking that into account, there is much more to a person than it is possible to see. In other words, we are more than we think we are, that is the “you” process of this blog.

It is all about getting to know “YOU.”

Now The Supernatural.

We went into a lot of dialogue on words for a reason, the natural is what we would consider the norm and supernatural has many meanings. The dialogue on those words were for a reason, to prevent you from immediately formulating a mental picture in your mind.

When we go to supernatural, we could be talking about a Higher Power, God, Super Ego, Neuromodulator, it depends if we are coming from everyday lingo, religion, or science.

Everyday lingo usually uses higher power, organized religion has a name that centers around a higher being and science has the super ego if coming from a Freudian perspective and Neuromodulator if coming from science is centered around the brain.

All of this is words, but the main thought is people have the capacity to be much more than they are, it is the Supernatural part of the human.

Now we are going to change the definitions of the natural that we looked at earlier. Human reason alone rather than by revelation is going to be changed to human reason aided by revelation. The state of nature without spiritual enlightenment is changed to the state of nature with spiritual enlightenment.

We need to consider in the first part revelation relates to the specific need of that particular individual, it is personal. Interpretation is by one person for the masses.  Revelation respects the individuality of the person, interpretation doesn’t.

The same applies to spiritual enlightenment, it enhances the person, allows a person to see more of who they are rather than waiting for someone to tell you who you are.

What Can I Expect From The Supernatural?

The supernatural side of a person is beyond the visible or observable. That is the part of us, the spiritual and revelation, that respects our individuality. It actually gives us our individuality.

We cannot gain any degree of individuality from someone else, not even from ourselves. 

We are able to experience the supernatural, it comes from the spirit by revelation, like we have said it is not visible or observable but is possible to experience. Your experiences are your truths.

The “Supernatural” is a powerful force if we choose to tap into it. It is a faith journey but it does bring us into a whole new realm.

One of the first arguments many will bring up, I don’t have faith. Think of this, the air we breath is not visible or observable but we do experience it. Take away that air for a short time and you quickly realize how important it is.

The Supernatural is the higher power and it respects the natural.  The natural is the lower power and does not respect the higher power. It makes an effort to have us believe that the supernatural has no power because it is not visible like in the natural realm.


Most people at one time or another have experienced the supernatural or the higher power within themselves. It may be, it was put off as some weird experience or rationalized as something other than what it was.

When we choose to take that supernatural journey, the natural doesn’t disappear, we began to reason things out, ask questions of our supernatural self or our inner self. We are given answers and the experiences become more real and more often.

When I traveled the Camino, I had a number or very vivid encounters with my inner self or my supernatural, those encounters started before the Camino, it was because of the faith I had in my supernatural that allowed me to tackle the journey.

It is a growth period, old things pass away and all things become new. The reliance is on the supernatural to make those changes, the natural wants us to hang on to our five senses, that way we never move out of the realm of the known.

We all have an intellect within us that can take us way beyond where we are. Think of the known, where did it come from in the first place. We can learn the known or we can journey to new lands, that is our creative side.

Feel free to ask questions or make comments, I will endeavor to answer them.

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This blog is journalistic in nature, it is a picture of the experiences that have shaped me over the course of my lifetime. It is a transparent look at myself and how it has been dealt with and what the outcome has been. My hope is that it may help you, because in the end it is strictly about YOU.

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