This Journey.

Knowledge Based or Experienced Based?

For some time now, what has been foremost in my thoughts could be summoned up in this statement.

“We live in a knowledge based world but we are an experience based people.”

This is the reality of the times we live in, we are bombarded with information through books, social media and the many ways we have access to information.

Is this a good thing?

That thought and question stays with me. I’m not sure it is always a good thing and will attempt to explain why.

The word “spiritual” immediately causes a person to conjure up a thought. To many, it’s avoided, others will try and explain it, many others will simply ignore it, having no interest, as if it will go away.

It can’t be avoided, can’t be explained and won’t go away. It is part of our daily existence, whether we believe or can’t explain or want to avoid it.

In some respects it is somewhat like the air we breathe, it is difficult to explain or avoid, yet if it were taken from us, we would quickly realize, it did have a purpose.

A spirit is an energy force, you can’t see it or hold it, but like the air we breathe we can experience it, hence my reason for saying we are an experience based people.

So what if we can’t see or explain the air we breathe, we can experience it and for most people that is good enough. Why not the same for the spiritual aspect?

Experienced Based Journey.

When it comes to spiritual, we are dualistic. Those two spirits are sort of contrary to each other. One leaves a person relying on outside factors for its existence, the other is within the person.

Within the person is the experienced based journey, that is the journey alluded to throughout this blog. The spirit that relies on outside factors is knowledge based, that is why throughout the blog, all of the posts are designed to encourage you to get to know “The You” within you. That is where you actually get to know yourself.

Knowledge is not a resource for our intellect, our intellect is a resource for knowledge.

For a moment, think of some of the classics or books with deep insight to complicated or complex questions and answers. Those authors received most of that information from their intellect, all original material comes from one’s own intellect.

Yet we have a tendency to rely on other people, rather than our own intellect.

We have to shift our sense of identity to a more permanent and deeper part of our existence, than we are able to realize that our intellect is an amazing tool of communication, initially more with ourselves than others.

The Spirit doesn’t imprison the physical it releases the physical.

Relying on our experience based spirit is drawing from our own intellect, it sets us free because we know the information is factual, we have experienced it.

When we know something we didn’t think we knew, science says it comes from our implicit memory. It comes from the spirit or energy force within us.

This knowledge is absolute, it came from within not without. This substantiates to a degree that “our intellect is a resource for knowledge.”

Knowledge Based Journey.

Relying on the outside spirit for information actually imprisons us, we are held hostage to the knowledge we have.

When it comes from an outside source we have no way of knowing if it’s factual. In actual fact we are at the mercy of that outside source.

The world we live in is demonstrating knowledge, yet at the same time the world we live in, is demonstrating the denial of knowledge all the time.

The world as we know it, is governed by fear, the fear of death, the fear of rejection, the fear of loss, the fear of losing our health, the list is endless if a person is honest with themselves.

When we rely on knowledge as a resource we are cut off from our true selves, in a way we go into isolation.

When we rely on knowledge we have no security, there is no intrinsic relationship. For knowledge to be effective, it has to be reasoned through and see if any is applicable or helpful to us.

We take refuge in the world as an individual, we develop an intellect to navigate the world because it is a difficult and unpredictable place. On this stage we are captivated by the world and by our own internal fantasies and fears, our internal conflicts, our unforgiveness and our attitudes and fixed beliefs.

That is our imprisonment.

To have an intrinsic relationship it is necessary to shift our identity to a more permanent and deeper part of our existence, here we rely on our intellect rather than knowledge.

In the realm of knowledge everything is relevant and when we thing of relevance it has to be relevant to someone or something.

The Revolution.

To return to this intrinsic relationship, a revolution takes place.

A place that few people want to go, even the religious leaders and those who claim to be religious are far too reliant upon their beliefs and ideas, which means they have not traveled far on the greater spiritual journey that each person must take, for this revolution to be reality.

When we think of a revolution we sometimes associate it with violence. There is no violence.

What we will experience is not a body of information that we can learn, it is not a philosophy or a theology.

It is the movement of the spirit within us.

It is intellect coming to us, that is why we know something we did not think we knew.

For me over the past ten years, books, people and different things have challenged me, excited me and encouraged me, but none of it has given me the answers that would give me peace and happiness.

The challenges were making sense of something that did not, excitement was meeting someone who was traveling the same path as me. Encouragement was encountering someone who had traveled the same path.

The revolution is not something we bring about through external knowledge, it comes from the knowledge within.

We do not get it on our own terms, it has to be revealed and for this revelation to take place will require an openness to our inner self and patience.

The patience that is necessary is within us. It is a journey of faith and the reality of faith is the evidence of things not seen. The reality of things not seen is our experiences.

The reliance from outside factors to intrinsic factors is a gradual process, we could not face it all at once.

It is important to realize that the revelation that is reveled to us is unique to us. We are treated as a person and not grouped into a large conglomerate of people.

As we advance on this journey it allows us freedom as a person and with that freedom fear, begins to dissipate, we become more expansive and more inclusive of others without neglecting ourselves.

The revolution is actually with ourselves and has nothing to do with others.

So often and especially today, internal turmoil is pointed at others and there is a necessity to realize that every time we point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at ourselves.

The home page of this blog invites you on a journey with me. THIS JOURNEY is how it is unfolding for me. There is no sequence to what is written in each post, it is an unfolding of my journey.

There are things mentioned that are future posts, some have been partly completed and are waiting for further revelation.

This post is what we are up against on this journey. Do we rely on the known or the unknown. It’s a matter of choice, your choice.

Out mind cannot let go, it needs something to hold onto.

Our soul opens us up to new and exciting things, the unknown.

For me many times and more so now, there is a realization that there is much more to life then I thought. I can’t take credit for much of what has been posted in this blog because I didn’t learn it. Much of it has been through revelation, not in some strange and mysterious way, just day by day.

Each day increases my confidence in myself, not in an arrogant or egotistical way.

The greatest thing learned from this, while there is a uniqueness to me, every other person has a similar uniqueness, the reason for writing and saying I don’t have the answer but you do.

THIS JOURNEY is an amazing journey.

Until next time stay safe and stay positive.

Questions or comments appreciated.

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This blog is journalistic in nature, it is a picture of the experiences that have shaped me over the course of my lifetime. It is a transparent look at myself and how it has been dealt with and what the outcome has been. My hope is that it may help you, because in the end it is strictly about YOU.

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